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It’s National Pasta month and we’re brushing up on our Italian! As we all know, Italian food is delicious as it is simple, and pasta is no exception. Even the names that differentiate the types of pasta are simple in their origin, usually drawing from what they resemble!

For example, the pasta spaghetti is the plural of the Italian word spaghetto, based on the word spago, which means "thin string" or "thin twine."

The pasta Calamarata named after the calamari dish since their shape resembles the thick slices of squid in calamari.
These cute lumache pastas are named after the mollusks they resemble!
Penne pasta is derived from the Italian word penna, which means "feather" or "quill." The shape of penne pasta resembles the shaft of the feather and most likely inspired the name!
Farfalle is the Italian plural for "butterfly," due to it's almost identical look.
The conchiglie pasta is named after the exoskeleton (shell) of a gatropod, which it resembles.
Vermicelli directly translates from Italian to English as "little worms."
WWhat's your favorite type of pasta?

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Carolyn M.
Carolyn M.

October 09, 2016

I like all pasta.They may have different shapes and are used in different dishes, they all taste wonderful.

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