With a new season comes new possibilities for cooking. Crisp air brings an abundance of fresh produce and seasonal goodies that are both healthy and delicious. Read about a few of our favorite autumn produce in order to cook with the season and enjoy the freshest food that fall has to offer!

Apples: apples are delicious whether it be in a salad or a pie, or as a snack on the go. When buying apples, look out for the firm and unblemished ones. There are many different varieties, but each of them pack a great deal of nutrition and are definitely a fall favorite.

Beets: besides being a beautiful vegetable, beets can be eaten in an assortment of ways. Try blending them in a smoothie for a healthy snack, or wrapping them in aluminum foil and roasting them in the oven. Raw or cooked, enjoy some beets for a nice kick of Vitamin-C and fiber. 

Sweet Potato: the natural sweetness of the sweet potato makes them a must in a dessert or a hearty fall meal. Sweet potatoes are wonderful roasted, baked, or pureed. Try cutting them up and roasting with brussel sprouts and carrots in order to reap the benefits of its healthy sweetness. 

Pumpkins: It goes without saying that pumpkins are a fall favorite whether it be a decoration, dessert, dinner, or snack. Among many health benefits, pumpkins are rich in alpha and beta carotene, which promote healthy vision. And the best part is? You can use pumpkin in virtually anything, and it will taste delicious--pumpkin bread, waffles, pancakes, sauce. And check out our very own Tuscany Pumpkin Sauce for a savory and versatile pumpkin sauce! Go forth and carve a pumpkin and eat it for a healthy fall favorite, and fall into fall with these delicious produce ideas.

Buon Appetito!

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