Crisis in Malawi, Africa

6.5 Million People in Malawi, Africa are in need.

A disastrous combination of flooding and a devastating drought has destroyed the majority of the Malawians’ food sources and the Malawian government has declared a state of national emergency.

Mary’s Meals, a Catholic charity and global movement dedicated to provide hungry children with one meal every school day, launched an urgent campaign called Crisis in Malawi in an effort to lessen the impact of the country’s food crisis.

About Mary's Meals

Mary’s Meals was founded by Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow in Scotland in 2002 after he was moved by compassion upon hearing a 14 year old boy who asked for only “food to eat and to be able to go to school.” MacFarlane-Barrow founded Mary’s Meals with the mission and vision that everyone deserves an education—and enough to eat. 

Mary’s Meals largest school feeding program is in Malawi, where they currently provide meals to over 800,000 children. The Crisis in Malawi campaign asks for support to ensure that the children who already depend on their school feeding program can continue to be fed.

How Can We Help?

Cucina Antica Foods, Corp. will be donating 10% of the online sales  now until the end of August to Mary’s Meals to help fulfill the mission of Mary’s Meals and continue to provide hope and assistance to those suffering in Malawi as the country faces their worst food insecurity in many years.

For more information about Mary’s Meals and the Crisis in Malawi, visit here.

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