Ashley Koff RD Approves Cucina Antica Foods Products

Ashley Koff RD Approves Cucina Antica Foods Products

Cucina Antica’s organic dressings are Ashley Koff Approved (AKA). Ashley Koff is an internationally-renowned registered dietician who is on a mission to help people get healthy by bringing quality eating into every home. Koff was named among the Top 10 Registered Dieticians in the US by Today’s Dietician Magazine and Best of LA’s “Nutritionist/Dieticians” by CitySearch three years running. Koff appears regularly on national television programs, including Dr. Oz, Good Morning America Health, The Doctors, CNN, AOL and E! According to Ashley Koff’s website (, this is her goal and assessment criteria: “Whether it’s a product, menu, recipe or gadget, the AKA stamp confirms that it has been evaluated and approved by me, as a better quality and healthier choice. More specifically, it means that the product does not contain any nutrition “no, no’s,” (artificial stuff, too much of something, not enough of another), its marketing message is truthful and it fits into a nutrition plan for optimal health. What it does not mean is that anyone paid me to evaluate or influence my decision, and it also does not mean that a product stays either approved or not approved forever – I am always re-evaluating products to follow updated marketing messages, ingredients, learning about sourcing methods and focusing on truths in nutrition, not trends and fads.”

Cucina Antica Foods Corp. is a family owned and operated company located in Westchester County, New York. For over 14 years, Cucina Antica Foods Corp. has provided families with all-natural, fresh sauces as well as donations and support for families in need. Recently an organic line of dressings and ketchup has been launched. Read the official press release.

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