Cucina Pasta-bilities: 30 Day Gourmet Challenge

Cucina Pasta-bilities: 30 Day Gourmet Challenge


Gourmet greens with dipping sauce

The word gourmet comes from the French language, and originally referred to a “wine taster” and later evolved to indicate a connoisseur of foods not primarily meant for nourishment. The pleasure was not just in the taste, but also the visual aspect of the dish. Currently, gourmet is associated with a person of refined or discriminating tastes in food and drink, or directly to food and drink that is elaborately prepared or of very fine, expensive, or rare ingredients. At Cucina Antica, we think that authenticity is a key component of gourmet cooking and food. Fresh, quality ingredients that are minimally processed, all-natural, and preferably organic, and that are prepared with care and love turn any dish into a work of art.

We’re challenging ourselves this year to be more conscientious about our food and its freshness, quality, and the care in its preparation. Over the next 30 days, we'll be making extra effort to be more conscientious about the food we cook and eat and we want you to join us in the challenge to become gourmet in 2017! We’ll be sharing tips and recipes along the way, but we’ll start you off with a few tips to get started, plan well, and stay within a budget (‘cause everyone’s on a budget!)

Gourmet food tips

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