The Best Way to Reuse your Tuscany Pumpkin pasta sauce jar October 30 2015, 0 Comments

You've made some delicious pumpkin sauce recipes and scraped your jar clean. But now what do you do with it? Luckily, our glass jars are perfect for reusing and recycling. Here, we've come up with our favorite way to reuse our Tuscany Pumpkin pasta sauce jar that just happens to be perfect for the season. 

Step 1: Wash your jar. You can remove the label if you want, but we think the pumpkin drawing makes it extra festive! 

Step 2: Gather your tea candles. They don't necessarily have to be tea candles, they just have to fit into the jar. 

Step 4: Light your candle and drop it into your jar. If you prefer, use a lighter with a long nose to light the candle once it is inside the jar. 

Step 5: Admire how pretty your jar looks with a glowing candle inside of it. 

Step 6: Carve your pumpkin. You should probably actually start with this step so your candle doesn't melt by the time you finish. Just be sure to clean out the insides and to make your pumpkin look awesome (we have no specific instructions on how to do this). 

 Step 7: Place your glowing jar(s) inside your pumpkin(s), replace the pumpkin stems, and stand back and watch your jack-o-lanterns come to life. No need to worry about that candle falling over and burning the inside of your pumpkins. Your lovely jar is protecting them.