7 Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution January 11 2016, 0 Comments

Keeping New Year’s resolutions can be hard work! According to British psychologist Richard Wiseman, 88% of attempted New Year’s resolutions are never achieved. That’s a scary thought. So in order to help you reach your goals this year, we’ve put together a list of tips we find helpful.

1. Narrow it down

Studies have shown that focusing on just one goal or resolution at a time can increase the likelihood of positive results.When we try to focus on too much at a time, we tend to lose the self-control that helps us accomplish tasks. So rather than trying to quit smoking and eat healthy at the same time, pick one goal and stick with it.

2. Be specific

Elaborating on resolutions will make them more manageable. “Lose 15 pounds” sounds daunting. But “Go to yoga class every Wednesday and only eat sweets on the weekend” sounds much more feasible. Be sure to break your resolutions down into specific, achievable goals.

3. There’s an app for that

Apps are a great way to stay on top of your resolutions. Here are some of our favorites:

Mint - This app will help you keep track of your finances and stay on budget.

Sworkit - This one is a free fitness app that encourages you to live a “no excuses” lifestyle by offering gym free workouts created by professional personal trainers.

Wholesome - This one is an award winning app that provides you with healthy recipes and gives you recommendations based on your nutritional needs.

Stop, Breathe, & Think - Another award winning app, this one offers guided meditation, promoting mindfulness, kindness, and compassion.

Google Keep - This app helps you keep track of your to-do list, grocery list, notes, etc. It also allows you to set reminders for items on your to do list and share your lists with friends and family.

4. Don’t be afraid to fail

One of the biggest reasons resolutions don’t often work out is because people give up after one little slip up. Ok, so you didn’t go to the gym today because you had to stay late at work and it was rainy. Instead of throwing in the towel, do a quick, at home workout or workout an extra 30 minutes tomorrow. Don’t use small setbacks as an excuse to give up on your resolutions. Just remember, if it were easy, everyone would do it.

5. Reward your progress

Giving yourself little rewards can encourage progress. Just be sure your rewards aren’t reversing all the headway you’ve made. If your resolution is to eat better, don’t reward yourself with cake. Instead try going to that movie you’ve been meaning to see or buying yourself a new pair of running shoes.

6. Practice makes habit

While past research has shown that it takes as little as 21 days to form a new habit (or break an old one), more recent studies are claiming that the average is closer to 66 days. Either way, we can all agree that the longer you stick with something, the more natural that behavior will become. So keep at it!

7. Keep it a secret

Keep your resolutions to yourself, says a study published in Psychological Science. According to the 2009 study, telling people about your goals gives you an instant sense of relief, reducing the amount of motivation you feel to actually achieve your goals. While having a workout partner or a friend who will push you to reach your goals can be beneficial, we suggest keeping the list of people you tell about your goals to a minimum.

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