Cucina Pasta-bilities: The original superfood - Cranberry

Cucina Pasta-bilities: The original superfood - Cranberry

November 14, 2016

Last week we conducted a Cucina Antica office poll on Thanksgiving’s favorite condiment – Cranberry Sauce. I’m sure you’re all familiar with Cucina Antica’s tart and tangy Cranberry Sauce which was a strong contender in the poll, but old family traditions and recipes die hard and cranberry sauce is no exception!  

Why do we eat Cranberry sauce alongside the turkey meat on Thanksgiving? Europeans generally made sour fruit sauces to pair with meats, generally wild fowl or game, and most likely adapted their recipes to incorporate the local cranberry, introduced to them by the Native Americans. As turkey became the centerpiece at the Thanksgiving table, the cranberry sauce became the necessary condiment for the Thanksgiving dinner.

Cranberries are also high in nutritional value, with a high percentage of antioxidants. Some Native American tribes used cranberries to treat a number of illnesses – fevers, childbirth illnesses, or cramps. Along with their antioxidant properties, they are also high in Vitamin C, fiber, and Vitamin E.

Now that you know about the cranberry’s high nutritional value, feel free to pile a little more on your plate this Thanksgiving!

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