Hear What our Customers Have to Say!


I Bought your basic tomato sauce with basil and I could not believe how fresh it smelled and tasted. So good!!! Will only buy this from now on. Please keep the quality going. 
Mooresville, NC 


Just wanted to drop a note to say I love your sauce.  It is delicious and very good for someone like me with food allergy issues.  So glad I found it in Stop and Shop in Mount Kisco!
Purdys, NY

I never thought I would be writing to a tomato sauce company but I just had to say something. My entire life I have used one of the big name brand tomato sauce everyone knows then switch around once in a while. Well, after finding your "tomato basil" I will never switch again. I just wish I found you sooner. Perfect! 

Viera, FL  

I just love your Fat-Free Tuscany Dressing, which I buy from Whole Foods. This dressing  tastes great, and makes me really look forward to having salads. Thanks for coming up with my favorite dressing ever. 

Sunnyvale, CA 

I’ve been a make-my-own sauce gal for 20 years but I was short on time last week and tried your La Vodka sauce. It was the most delicious sauce I have ever had! Thank you for such a wonderful product!


 I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for making such a great product. You see, I have a severe allergy to garlic, and your sauce is the only one I can find that is free of garlic. If it wasn’t for Cucina Antica I would not be able to eat pasta. Please keep it up, I love you guys! 

Denver, CO 

Just HAD to send a quick note to say that I just found, and tried, the Tuscany Pumpkin Pasta Sauce. Oh my! It is literally some of the best stuff I have ever tried (of ALL food types)!!  I absolutely love "Pumpkin"-flavored anything.  But when I saw this sitting on my local grocery's shelf, I knew I had to try it.  And am I so glad that I did! When I first opened the jar today and tried it with a spoon, it was so delicious and tasty, I simply could not put the spoon down! I then ended up pouring more of the sauce over my dinner, then ended up eating more sauce straight out of the jar.  It is that good ... I don't know whether to consider it a "sauce" (for a meal), or a dessert! It truly could be either! Thank you for creating such an amazingly tasty (and different!) sauce...All the Best and please know that I'm also looking forward to trying some of your other interesting-sounding sauces!
Atlanta, GA 

I purchased a jar of your Cucina Antica Tomato Basil sauce from Raley’s in Lodi CA. Enjoyed the sauce with fresh pasta -  absolutely amazing. The BEST sauce that I have ever purchased in a jar. I grow many varietals of tomatoes in my garden here in Northern California and regularly make sauce from scratch. Your sauce is as good as I can make at home. I was even more impressed when I washed out the empty jar with “cold” water - no residue. Simple, healthy and delicious. You have a new customer! Thank You!
Lodi, CA

Hi there, I just wanted to send your team a message to say THANK YOU!! I bought your Tuscany Pumpkin Pasta Sauce on a whim, and OMG - was I delightfully surprised!  Thank you for making such as delightfully light, but indulgent sauce. I'll admit, I ended up eating far more pasta tonight than I'd like to admit, purely because of the sauce. So thank you. I will absolutely be re-purchasing!
Toronto, ON

Hello. I am a stay-at-home mother of four boys and a girl and we just wanted to let you know how much we love your products. As a mother, it is such a relief to feel comfortable with what I am putting into my kids' bodies, and I definitely feel that way with your products. Thank you so much. 

Off the charts . . .heavenly cranberry sauce! My local Sprouts Grocery had a holiday display with your Cucina Antica Cranberry Sauce. I can tell you that the chicken sandwich on sourdough was not complete until I added the 'heavenly' Cranberry sauce. OMG! After each bite I added another spoonful of sauce and all I could think about was Grandma's cooking. I'm heading back over Sprouts tomorrow to load up on your product!
Carmel, CA

Your marinara sauce was on sale recently at my local Harris Teeter!  It was delicious. My family went "clean" last year, so I am so excited to find a line of products that taste great AND are healthy!  Just wanted to take a second to give you a shout out, and hope to see your full line in my Harris Teeter soon!!!
Wakeforest, NC

Though my husband is Italian and likes to make his own sauce, we sometimes buy prepared spaghetti sauce. Tonight he brought home the Garlic Marinara flavor of your sauce. Oh my gosh!!!! It was unbelievable, it needed nothing to “doctor” it up as he does with other sauces. It was delicious. I’m so glad it found its way out here to the West Coast.  Many thanks!!!
Portland, OR

Your sauce is the BEST I’ve ever bought, simply incredible. I tried the tomato basil and the one with garlic. Thought it was spendy but was on sale at Whole Foods so I added it to my Christmas lasagne. Yeah, I know, trying something new at a holiday is scary but my lasagne was better than with my own homemade sauce! Go figure.  And you are located on Bedford Road? … so you are near where I grew up and worked in my younger years, maybe it’s a regional tastebud thing!  Will come and visit the shop when I am up that way. Thanks again.
Boynton Beach, Florida

I just wanted to thank your company so much for making a wonderful product! This is the BEST SAUCE I’ve ever tasted.  And thank you for not adding SUGAR!!  I eat a low carb diet and this sauce is perfect!!  I use the Tomato Basil - I’ve also had the Garlic Marinara - also excellent. And it’s a pleasure that I can read all of the ingredients – no chemicals or additives.  I don’t mind paying $6.00+ for such a fabulous sauce.  I’ve told many family and friends – and I’ve also posted your product on the Atkins website for all to see. Please continue making a high quality, delicious product!!!

I just discovered your Tomato Basil pasta sauce at Central Market in Austin, TX.  They had a demo last week and my husband bought a jar.  I went back yesterday and bought 2 more jars!  This is the best spaghetti sauce I have ever had.  I can’t even say what makes it so good.   It’s a mystery! Your website is great too.  I had no idea you had so many different products.  I love the recipe ideas too.  Kudos!  You’re my new favorite product!

I would just like to express my new found “Love” of your recently added Tuscany Pumpkin Pasta Sauce. I have to admit, whenever I purchase a bottled pasta sauce….I usually have to “doctor” it up to my liking. Not so with this pasta sauce, it is absolutely Amazing! Perfect in every way. I cook every night in our home and will definitely be using this sauce again and also trying different ways of using it.  Thanks for having such Awesome products!

I bought a jar of your Tomato Basil Cooking Sauce today on a whim… and all I can say is wow–this sauce is amazing! Honestly, I cannot believe that sauce from a jar could taste like this! Every other time I have purchased jarred sauce, I have experienced nothing but disappointment. They are inevitably either too acidic, too garlicky, too salty, too sweet….etc.  Yours is simply perfect.  I was raised in an Italian-American household, and I’m a good cook (if I do say so myself!), so I know what good sauce should taste like. Thank you for letting me enjoy a great sauce without having to do any work.  :)

You have added extreme pleasure to my life!  Your Marinara sauce is wonderful.  Cannot wait until the next meal.  I am a good cook, but this was truly great!!!!!!
Chicago, Illinois

I am a second generation Italian American who grew up on homemade gravy (sauce). I have made my sauce myself all my life. Every few years, I try a bunch of bottled sauces in the hopes that I can occasionally use a bottled sauce. Always the SAME processed flavor. I finally tried YOUR sauce and WOW! I LOVE IT! I am now retired, and sometimes too lazy to make my own sauce. I’ve always used San Marzano tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil and the best ingredients possible.I am going to be using your sauce very often. It is absolutely GREAT!!! I am so glad that someone has taken the time out to make a great sauce, using great ingredients and given me an alternative to making my own. THANKS!!!
Brooklyn, New York

I bought two jars of your Garlic Marinara today at The Fresh Market. AMAZING product. I was fortunate enough to live in Italy for a year in college and I enjoyed many wonderful sauces while there. Yours is as close to “fresh” in the jar as I’ve had back in the states.LOVE IT!