About Us

Our Italian Roots

Chef Neil Fusco grew up on a small farm in southern Italy, where hard work was just a part of everyday life. He was the eldest of five, the first-born son of Italian farmers. Every morning, he and his family rose with the sun and followed his mother on the mile-long trek to the tomato fields. There, it was their job to pull out the weeds between the rows of tomato plants. The earth and its fruit were their livelihood, so they cared for it with the same attention to which you might care for a dear family member. If his food wasn’t harvested from his family farm in southern Italy, it came from neighbors, friends, or local markets, which only grew his appreciation for nature and of Italy. 

Eventually, Chef Neil and his family immigrated to New York, where Chef Neil began working in the food industry, first as a restaurant owner and chef and then as the founder of Cucina Antica®. In building Cucina Antica Foods, Corp., Chef Neil's goal has been to offer a quality product that families can feel good about sharing while building bonds around the kitchen table, the same way harvesting tomatoes built a bond between his own family. With each jar of Cucina Antica sauce, you can bring the true, homemade taste of Italy to your home.


Our Products

We value our craft and only use the most premium, healthy ingredients to bring homemade, authentic Italian flavor to your home. The Cucina Antica line features award-winning pasta sauces and ketchup made with imported Italian San Marzano tomatoes with no preservatives and no sugar, water, or tomato paste addedOur products are Non-GMO Project Verified, gluten-free and vegetarian. 

Our sauces are created for more than just pasta. In order to satisfy the at-home chef, Chef Neil crafts our products using an artisanal production method that allows consumers to cook the sauces without losing any flavor.

"The artisanal method leaves ample room for the home chef to truly make homemade meals, and the consumer does not need to worry about our sauces becoming acidic from over-cooking. Most other sauces are made to simply be warmed and served, but our sauces allow the home chef to discover new pasta-bilities! We offer a product that is unique." 
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