Good Morning America

"Pumpking Spice Mania!"


"A delicious sauce that is gluten free and contains no GMOs or preservatives."

Hungry Girl

"This rich and tasty sauce is made with Italian San Marzano tomatoes...Totally worth seeking out!"

Eat This, Not That!

"AND THE #1 BEST PASTA SAUCE IS…Cucina Antica Tomato Basil!"

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"Cucina Antica provides a delicious tasting, traditional tomato basil sauce with real ingredients you can pronounce."

The Washington Post

"The big problem with jarred red sauce is sodium; the lowest level we found was in Cucina Antica Tomato Basil."


"This Fancy Sauce — Made With Imported Italian Tomatoes"

Men's Health

"It has a good, chunky texture, and it’s garlicky but not overly so."


"This all-natural sauce promises the rich flavors of a rustic Italian harvest."


"Inside the jar, the sauce was thin and chunky at the same time, almost like salsa."


"This is a silky, chunky sauce brimming with fresh San Marzano tomatoes, specks of herby basil, and a potent blend of white and black pepper."


"Made with tomatoes and pumpkins, you can add this to pasta or add cream to make it a base for pumpkin soup."