Frequently asked questions

If you want to grab individual jars of our product, you can find us in a store near you.

Once product is opened, under optimal storage conditions (in the refrigerator) product can last 4-7 days. We recommend that after storing an opened product in the refrigerator, prior to consuming the product, you should visually inspect the product to make sure there is no spoilage. You can also freeze the sauce in a freezer safe container for up to one month.

We review our nutritional information annually for each product. Different crops from year-to-year can yield varying nutritional values. We recently reviewed and the current tomatoes we are using have a different nutritional value than the previous year’s crop. Specifically, there is more naturally occurring sugar in the tomatoes compared to years past. However, there is still no added sugar in our products, only what is naturally occurring in the tomatoes.

Orders typically arrive within 1 week but it can vary. Please refer to your order's information from Amazon for a more accurate timeframe.

Please contact Amazon Support so they can further assist you.

Product attributes


Yes, all red sauces and ketchup are vegan. Cucina Antica La Vodka, Tuscany Pumpkin, and Alfredo sauces are not vegan.


No, our pasta sauces are not organic. Only our ketchup is organic.

No, all our products are Non-GMO Project Verified, with the exception of Cucina Antica La Vodka, Tuscany Pumpkin, and Alfredo sauce.

99.99% of the citric acid in our Italian peeled tomatoes comes naturally from the tomato plant itself. The remainder does not contain any grain ingredients, including corn. Because its naturally occurring, it's not listed on the ingredients.

Our facility uses and stores: milk, egg, fish, peanut, tree nut, wheat, soy. All these ingredients are used on the same manufacturing lines as our products, but not in the same day with the exception of milk. We have a thorough documented analytical allergen control program that ensures no cross contamination. All allergen ingredients are stored separately.

For those with a garlic or milk allergy: These items run on the same day as our products and there is a chance of cross contamination though every effort is taken to thoroughly sanitize the lines between runs. As a precaution, we would recommend not consuming our products if you have severe allergies to garlic or milk.