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Crafted with Southern Italian tomatoes

Dry vs. Fresh Herbs

Expert advice from Chef Neil

A Premium, Italian Product

Cucina Antica® award-winning Italian pasta sauces and ketchup use only the most premium and pure ingredients to bring the taste of Italy from our world kitchen to your table.

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From our customers


I would just like to express my new found love of your recently added Tuscany Pumpkin Sauce. I have to admit, whenever I purchase a bottled pasta sauce, I usually have to “doctor” it up to my liking. Not so with this pasta sauce, because it is absolutely amazing! Perfect in every way.

Kelly Ann

I never thought I would be writing to a tomato sauce company, but I just had to say something. My entire life I have used one of the big-name brand tomato sauces everyone knows. Well, after finding your Tomato Basil Sauce, I will never switch back. I just wish I found you sooner.


My daughter has had some recent health issues that required dietary changes. Removing gluten and soy from her diet has made a huge difference in her daily health. Your all-natural sauces have greatly contributed to her recovery.